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Review Text about Anthology Short Stories Nina Book

Title                 :  Anthology Short Stories Nina

Author             : Hiqma Nur Agustina

Year                : 2016

Anthology Short Stories Nina is the first book from Hiqma Nur Agustina. This book contains of eleven short stories, Such as Nina, Pemandian Hijau, Semua Karena Facebook, Cukrik, Caleg, Statusmu Membuatku Mati Kutu, and so on. Mostly short stories in this book tell about variety of social problems which are often faced by women. The characters are figures of woman who crushed between a lot of moral and social obligations that are imposed on them by society. On the other hand they also need the freedom to achieve their dreams. The one of character is Alisa in a story “Semua Karena Facebook”. She is a woman who has a husband. Her husband is an engineer who worked in the fields of petroleum outside of Java. Alisa stayed at home lonely and with luxury life. Alisa was bored with her daily life lived in luxury without the figure of a man beside her. She needs a freedom to found a variety of activities that can entertain herself from boredom. Then, that freedom ended with regret. This book is able to make the reader feel carried into the story inside

The language style that used by Hiqma is good style and very interesting. The writer also use one of Java language which makes the reader feel a little confused but after seeing the meaning that has been written, the reader can understand the meaning. The writer was describe about the character, setting background and time in detail so the reader can understand the story easily and bring them to the story.

This book mostly used a flashback plot in each story, such as in “Semua Karena Facebook” story. In that story the writer start to describe their idea on setting when Alisa regretted to her actions and followed by the cause make Alisa regretted with her actions.  This make the reader guess what happen in the past and it is interested the reader to read until the end.

Point of view that the reader used in some story is multiple points of view. The writer is not a character in the story but knows everything about the story. She can show the thoughts and experiences of any character in the story.

In my opinion, this short stories book is not like other short stories book that use kind character and with happy ending. The writer can show many conflict that often faced by someone in the world. The ideas presented by the authors are very nice and helpful to many people.

I think this short stories book is one of excellent book that I was read. This book can inspire many people to reach their success. With the advantage of the book “Anthology Short Stories Nina” It is appropriate for this book could be a recommendation for readers.

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