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Review Text about The Hunger Games Movie

Title                 :  The Hunger Games

Genre              :  Adventure, Science Fiction

Director           : Gary Ross

Producer          : Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik

Year                : 2012

The Hunger Games is an adventure and science fiction movie of the United States in 2012. This movie directed by Gary Ross and produced by Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik. The movie’s story is adapted from a novel by Suzanne Collins. The title is The Hunger Games. The story started by introducing the setting of movie. It was tell about the young girl who has 16th years old. Her name is Katness Everdeen from District 12. District 12 is a last district in Panem country. Panem is a country that was once a North America. Because an insurgency, Panem government make a deadly competition that was held in the capital city of Capitol. The competition called The Hunger Games which followed by a pair of young people and selected from 12 districts in Panem.

The movie’s storyline is quite simple. Detail characters and intense action in the movie The Hunger Games is very interesting. Katness is an experienced hunter, familiar with nature, and very independent. Panem country was hunting prohibition in District 12 so that the area was surrounded by a fence of electrical. But Katness and Gale always escaped and brought hunted successfully for eat or exchanged with other necessities for their families. Katness hunting skills and experience is makes the storyline when she battles become interesting. This movie conveys about Katness personal life to be featured on the drama side. Moreover, this movie uses point of view from Katness. The authors highlight the role of Katness as the head of the family at a young age and affection to Prim who is the youngest sister. Likewise with romance story of Katness. Katness doubt about her feelings for Gale and with the recognition of the Peeta’s feeling. Actually Peeta has loved Katness since the first day of school. Katness-Peeta relationship many processed since the events of The Hunger Games begins. This relationship also makes the audience guess the real motivation of Peeta.

I think this movie is not like other fictional movies that use dragons, knights, wizards and so on. This movie was more refreshing than the fictional Harry Potter movies and other fiction movies that flooded a fantasy story with the middle of nowhere. In this movie, it just any children who tested the resilience and creativity to Survive. It is terrible but the idea of the writer storyline is cool. Every plot was tension from beginning to end. It makes me do not want to miss important scenes of that movie before finished.

According to me The Hunger Games is one of excellent scientific fiction adventure movie which adaptation from novel. All of that can be seen in the details of scene from the movie. Producers’ are effort to bring novel to be visible real in this movie. It was quite impressive. Overall, I can say that The Hunger Games is a great movie.

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Spoof Text


          Spoof is a text which tells factual story, happened in the past time with unpredictable and funny ending.

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Example of Recount Text

My first Experience to Play Ice Skating

On Friday my friend and I went to Bintaro X Change Mall (BXC Mall) to play Ice skating. BXC mall has the biggest Ice Skating Rink in Indonesia. I spent a half hour to go there.  I went to BXC mall by my motorcycle.

I arrived at BXC mall at 1pm, my friend and I went to UG or 3A floors. Before we enter to the BX Rink, we should buy a ticket. I bought two tickets, two socks, and one coin for locker. I paid Rp.174.000 for all that. This is my first time to go there, so I don’t know if we should prepare the things that will needed to protect our body, Such as sock and gloves. We entered to BX Rink using tickets like at KRL. After that, we took an Ice skating shoes but we should to measure the size of our feet.  Then the clerk gave us shoes that fit with the size of our feet, Because if the size of shoes does not match with the size of foot will caused injury to the foot. After we got the shoes, we went to the locker room to put our luggage while we play ice skating. Next we use our shoes and tie shoes properly, not too tight and not too loose.

we entered to ice skating rink and I began to feel cold. I was nervous, afraid and my heart beat fast.  I could not walk on the ice, because this is my first experience to play ice skating. I was only able to walk on the edge of the ice skating rink with hold and objects to protect me from falling. I wanna play ice skating like the others. Suddenly a girl approached me, she hold my hand and taught me how to play ice skating. She always supported us, she said “don’t be afraid sister, it is fun.  Just try and you will enjoy it.” My friend and I learned about how to play ice skating with her and we meet her family too. I try and try, although I often falling but I never give up. Finally I can do it, I was happy when I can play it. The girl was threw me by the ice ball but it just kidding. It was very exciting, we play throwing a ball of ice and romp. Sometimes they also often pushed me so that I fell on the ice, it was so funny although my body was sick. I didn’t feel the time goes so fast, the skaters are asked to exit the ice skating rink because it was the time to coating the ice. That time is half past two. And then, we exit from ice skating rink and waiting until a half hour.  After the rink was coating by the ice, we continued to play it again. At a half past three I stopped play it, because I want to go to campus.

Then we exit ice skating rink, we take off our shoes and took our luggage in locker. After that we return the shoes to the rent place. And we went out from ice skating area.

Before we went to home, we bought some bread because we were very hungry after all that. And then we eat the bread on a chair near the fountain. Next we went to parking area and we back to home.

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