Example Text of Dialog job Interview


Interviewer : Ma’watul Hasanah as head of human resource department in Goebam’s International Company

Interviewee: Azyrah Nursyahbany graduated from Islamic University of Sheikh Yusuf (UNIS) Tangerang. She is going to do a job interview in the Geobam’s International Company

Dialog of job interview

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : Excuse me… can I meet miss. Ma’watul?

Receptionist                : do you have tryst with her?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I am here for interview, the company has called me by phone three days ago.

Receptionist                : oh I see, please you come in to room 407. That is head of the human resource department room.

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : Thank you miss

Receptionist               : you are welcome and good luck.


In head of human resource department room

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : (knocked the door) excuse me miss… May I come in?

Ma’watul Hasanah      : yes please, come in and have a seat.

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : Thank you miss.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : so, your name is Azyrah Nursyahbany, right?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : yes, that is right miss.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : very well my name is Ma’watul Hasanah, I am head of the human resource department of this company.

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : nice to meet you miss…

Ma’watul Hasanah      : how are you this morning?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I am perfectly fine, miss. Thank you. And how about you?

Ma’watul Hasanah      : I am fine too. Thank you. So, do you know what are going to do, Azyrah?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : yes miss, I was emailed and called by phone in order to have a job interview session from this company three days ago. So, now here I am going to be having an interview job session with you.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : very well, can you tell me about yourself, Azyrah ?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : my name is Azyrah Nursyahbany. I am 21 years old. I graduated from Islamic University of Sheikh Yusuf (UNIS) Tangerang with GPA of 3,85. I am Muslim and single. I lived in Ciledug-Tangerang . My hobbies are listening to the music and travelling.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : do you have disease?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I don’t have disease, miss.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : how did you know about the job vacancy in this company?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I read advertisement on Sunday edition of the Kompas newspaper.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : you applied to be our secretary. Do you have any experience of this job?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : no, I don’t have any experience.  I am fresh graduated from Islamic University of Sheikh Yusuf (UNIS) Tangerang. This is my first time to apply a fulltime job.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : what make you decide to apply for secretary position in Goebam’s International Company?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I think as secretary in Geobam’s International Company is an appropriate job position for me.  I felt the position required in accordance with my talents and abilities.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : what do you know about this company?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I just know a little about Goebam’s International Company. Goebam’s International Company is produced textile for export to the others country. I will be happy and proud if I can be a part of Goebam’s International Company team.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : do you have computer skills? Do you speak any other languages?

Azyrah Nursyahbany : yes, I do have computer skills. I can operate Microsoft office, Corel draw, adobe Photoshop, the internet, and etc. I can speak English, Arabic, German, and Japan.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : wow… so interesting. Where did you learn all that?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I learn some it while in university but I also took courses.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : well. It was a great time to have a little talk with you, Azyrah. We will announce the result of your interview in a week. Thank you for your coming here.

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : yes, thank you miss.

lets see the example of job interview video!  check this out! klik in the link below

Dialog Example of Job Interview


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