My spare time activity

Hello friends! My name is azyrah nursyahbany but you can call me rara. I would like to tell you about the activity that I often do in my spare time.

On my spare time usually I like to watch a movie. From a movie I get much knowledge about the other regions and countries. I can see the world without go to around the world.  I can know the differences culture that used in the other country. I can learn their language easily. Movie can entertain me when I am sad.



My Interesting Moment

Hi guys! I am Azyrah and I would like to tell you about my interesting activity in the past. On Saturday at 5th April 2017 there is an interesting event. Its named is FKIP Teaching. My friends and I joined that event. Three days before that event, we gave an information about that program. And then we divided into some group. My friends and I still at the same group. I got responsible to teach at Rumah Belajar Bintang Utara (RBBU)pakuhaji. After that we met with our lecturer who will lead us. We make a plan for that event with her.

On Saturday we met in the campus and did briefing before we go to RBBU. We went to RBBU by using motorcycle. In our group there are twelve people. We spent around two hours to go there. When we arrived at RBBU, we clean the place first before the students come. After ashar, many students come to RBBU. The students are preschool until sixth grade. And we divided into some group again to teach in different level. My partner to teach is Mawah. We got responsible for the first and second grades. The students are brought their stationary. They have a strong spirit to study. So I was happy to teach them. In the last session of learning, We gave them stationary to make them happy and keep spirit too study. And then we take a picture. The last after the activity we discuss about that event with RBBU owner. And then we go back to home together by motorcycle. I think is an interesting moment in my life.  Although I do that in one day but I felt happy with that moment.




My Daily Activity

Every morning I wake up at 4.30pm. After that I take ablution and pray Subuh. and then I take a bath and get a dress. next I do breakfast with my family. after finished I go to my school at 7am. I work for RA Al-Ikhlas Kindergarten teacher at 8am to 11am but on saturday I teach in an English Club of Junior High School. and then I prepare teaching material for the next day. After finished I go back to home. but on saturday I teach in an English Club of Junior High School.

usually I arrived home at 1pm. And then I pray zuhur, get lunch and take a rest. when the time show at 3pm, I prepare to go to campus and pray ashar. I am studying at Islamic University of Syekh-Yusuf tangerang in English Education major. I go to the campus by motorcycle and spend a half hour to go there. Usually I finished the activity in the campus at 8.30pm and arrive at home at 9pm. I do Isya prayer and dinner before sleep. usually I sleep at 10pm.

learning activity in English Club


My Students at RA Al-Ikhlas


My friends and I in the campus

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