My spare time activity

Hello friends! My name is azyrah nursyahbany but you can call me rara. I would like to tell you about the activity that I often do in my spare time.

On my spare time usually I like to watch a movie. From a movie I get much knowledge about the other regions and countries. I can see the world without go to around the world.  I can know the differences culture that used in the other country. I can learn their language easily. Movie can entertain me when I am sad.



My Interesting Moment

Hi guys! I am Azyrah and I would like to tell you about my interesting activity in the past. On Saturday at 5th April 2017 there is an interesting event. Its named is FKIP Teaching. My friends and I joined that event. Three days before that event, we gave an information about that program. And then we divided into some group. My friends and I still at the same group. I got responsible to teach at Rumah Belajar Bintang Utara (RBBU)pakuhaji. After that we met with our lecturer who will lead us. We make a plan for that event with her.

On Saturday we met in the campus and did briefing before we go to RBBU. We went to RBBU by using motorcycle. In our group there are twelve people. We spent around two hours to go there. When we arrived at RBBU, we clean the place first before the students come. After ashar, many students come to RBBU. The students are preschool until sixth grade. And we divided into some group again to teach in different level. My partner to teach is Mawah. We got responsible for the first and second grades. The students are brought their stationary. They have a strong spirit to study. So I was happy to teach them. In the last session of learning, We gave them stationary to make them happy and keep spirit too study. And then we take a picture. The last after the activity we discuss about that event with RBBU owner. And then we go back to home together by motorcycle. I think is an interesting moment in my life.  Although I do that in one day but I felt happy with that moment.




Example of Review Text about Movie

Review Text about The Hunger Games Movie

Title                 :  The Hunger Games

Genre              :  Adventure, Science Fiction

Director           : Gary Ross

Producer          : Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik

Year                : 2012

The Hunger Games is an adventure and science fiction movie of the United States in 2012. This movie directed by Gary Ross and produced by Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik. The movie’s story is adapted from a novel by Suzanne Collins. The title is The Hunger Games. The story started by introducing the setting of movie. It was tell about the young girl who has 16th years old. Her name is Katness Everdeen from District 12. District 12 is a last district in Panem country. Panem is a country that was once a North America. Because an insurgency, Panem government make a deadly competition that was held in the capital city of Capitol. The competition called The Hunger Games which followed by a pair of young people and selected from 12 districts in Panem.

The movie’s storyline is quite simple. Detail characters and intense action in the movie The Hunger Games is very interesting. Katness is an experienced hunter, familiar with nature, and very independent. Panem country was hunting prohibition in District 12 so that the area was surrounded by a fence of electrical. But Katness and Gale always escaped and brought hunted successfully for eat or exchanged with other necessities for their families. Katness hunting skills and experience is makes the storyline when she battles become interesting. This movie conveys about Katness personal life to be featured on the drama side. Moreover, this movie uses point of view from Katness. The authors highlight the role of Katness as the head of the family at a young age and affection to Prim who is the youngest sister. Likewise with romance story of Katness. Katness doubt about her feelings for Gale and with the recognition of the Peeta’s feeling. Actually Peeta has loved Katness since the first day of school. Katness-Peeta relationship many processed since the events of The Hunger Games begins. This relationship also makes the audience guess the real motivation of Peeta.

I think this movie is not like other fictional movies that use dragons, knights, wizards and so on. This movie was more refreshing than the fictional Harry Potter movies and other fiction movies that flooded a fantasy story with the middle of nowhere. In this movie, it just any children who tested the resilience and creativity to Survive. It is terrible but the idea of the writer storyline is cool. Every plot was tension from beginning to end. It makes me do not want to miss important scenes of that movie before finished.

According to me The Hunger Games is one of excellent scientific fiction adventure movie which adaptation from novel. All of that can be seen in the details of scene from the movie. Producers’ are effort to bring novel to be visible real in this movie. It was quite impressive. Overall, I can say that The Hunger Games is a great movie.

Example Text of Dialog job Interview


Interviewer : Ma’watul Hasanah as head of human resource department in Goebam’s International Company

Interviewee: Azyrah Nursyahbany graduated from Islamic University of Sheikh Yusuf (UNIS) Tangerang. She is going to do a job interview in the Geobam’s International Company

Dialog of job interview

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : Excuse me… can I meet miss. Ma’watul?

Receptionist                : do you have tryst with her?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I am here for interview, the company has called me by phone three days ago.

Receptionist                : oh I see, please you come in to room 407. That is head of the human resource department room.

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : Thank you miss

Receptionist               : you are welcome and good luck.


In head of human resource department room

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : (knocked the door) excuse me miss… May I come in?

Ma’watul Hasanah      : yes please, come in and have a seat.

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : Thank you miss.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : so, your name is Azyrah Nursyahbany, right?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : yes, that is right miss.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : very well my name is Ma’watul Hasanah, I am head of the human resource department of this company.

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : nice to meet you miss…

Ma’watul Hasanah      : how are you this morning?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I am perfectly fine, miss. Thank you. And how about you?

Ma’watul Hasanah      : I am fine too. Thank you. So, do you know what are going to do, Azyrah?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : yes miss, I was emailed and called by phone in order to have a job interview session from this company three days ago. So, now here I am going to be having an interview job session with you.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : very well, can you tell me about yourself, Azyrah ?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : my name is Azyrah Nursyahbany. I am 21 years old. I graduated from Islamic University of Sheikh Yusuf (UNIS) Tangerang with GPA of 3,85. I am Muslim and single. I lived in Ciledug-Tangerang . My hobbies are listening to the music and travelling.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : do you have disease?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I don’t have disease, miss.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : how did you know about the job vacancy in this company?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I read advertisement on Sunday edition of the Kompas newspaper.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : you applied to be our secretary. Do you have any experience of this job?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : no, I don’t have any experience.  I am fresh graduated from Islamic University of Sheikh Yusuf (UNIS) Tangerang. This is my first time to apply a fulltime job.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : what make you decide to apply for secretary position in Goebam’s International Company?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I think as secretary in Geobam’s International Company is an appropriate job position for me.  I felt the position required in accordance with my talents and abilities.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : what do you know about this company?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I just know a little about Goebam’s International Company. Goebam’s International Company is produced textile for export to the others country. I will be happy and proud if I can be a part of Goebam’s International Company team.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : do you have computer skills? Do you speak any other languages?

Azyrah Nursyahbany : yes, I do have computer skills. I can operate Microsoft office, Corel draw, adobe Photoshop, the internet, and etc. I can speak English, Arabic, German, and Japan.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : wow… so interesting. Where did you learn all that?

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : I learn some it while in university but I also took courses.

Ma’watul Hasanah      : well. It was a great time to have a little talk with you, Azyrah. We will announce the result of your interview in a week. Thank you for your coming here.

Azyrah Nursyahbany   : yes, thank you miss.

lets see the example of job interview video!  check this out! klik in the link below

Dialog Example of Job Interview

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