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Review Text about Arena of Go-kart at Balekota Mall Tangerang

A go-Kart play is very entertaining and pumps adrenalin. For you who have never felt the sensation of playing go-kart, then try in nearby track arena of go-kart such as Balekota Mall Tangerang. Based on Wikipedia “go-kart is a variant of four-wheeled vehicles with a simple and small open roof for motor sports”. Go-kart is a sport for all ages.

By paying sixty thousand, we could use Go-Kart for ten rounds or laps. Before beginning to play, I am allowed to wear a jacket and a helmet for safety. After getting on the car, listen to the guidance of the guide. Gas is on the right side and the brake is on the left. While in hand is the steering wheel. Gas was to advance forward and do the braking time when meet a corner and do not forget to use the stir to through the curve. Stepped on the gas back to keep go. When it stepped on the gas, you will feel different atmosphere from the moment we stepped on the gas in a regular car. Because of the adrenaline will start peaking at the time of the gas in the stampede.

First, I was afraid to drive a go-kart, but the longer I was enjoyed. When on lap four, suddenly I brake because I was trying to not hit my friend, but behind me suddenly my other friend hit me accidentally. I also slipped to the edge of the lap and hit the door of the maintenance room. Fortunately, there is not damage and injuries, just shocked and shaken body.

Certainly very different between Bomb-bomb-car and go-kart. Bomb-bomb-car indeed it is designed to crashing, while gokart for driving speed in the race. Play go-kart is very fun and easy. Go-kart track arena in Balekota Mall is enough support.

With a pay for sixty thousand rupiah, I could drive a go-kart for ten rounds or laps, but it was running a very long time when I was driving a go-kart. This activity is an extreme sport that can pump an adrenaline and it worth to try. It gives a good impressions and excitement.


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